The Math of Spirituality, Bliss, Abundance, and Love

We start off every day with our Light and dark forces in perfect balance. 50/50. The Creator oversees the entire the process. Every time we give in to a reactive behavior, we tilt our scale down. Every time we accept an opportunity to help, to extend ourselves, to do something unexpected, we tilt it up. It’s math.
Today, keep score with your feelings, thoughts and actions. It will help you to not just keep a healthy balance but to overcome darkness. Because sometimes things may look dark but in reality you are just one stretch away from being in the Light.

Both the Light and Satan are speaking to you

In our daily lives, as spiritual people, one of our greatest struggles is to look past the hologram that the ego projects: I’m a victim, no one understands me, that was my idea, I’ll show them, and so on.
One of my favorite classes in the Spirituality for Kids curriculum is the one where we teach kids to turn down the volume on the voice of the Opponent, and turn up the volume of the voice of the Light. The kids understand that they’re bombarded by the broadcast of their Opponent, so why is it so hard for us as adults?
Today, turn down the voice of the Opponent and turn up the voice of the Light. You’d be amazed at the beautiful background music you’ll hear the sounds of your soul.

How to experience “growing like a weed” at any age?

Would you like to experience a giant growth spurt today?
Ask someone you don’t know too well what they think about you. Seeking feedback from peers and strangers, who ideally don’t have any stake in anything other than speaking their truth as they see it, is a great kabbalistic growing tool.
The impact of this type of feedback can be much greater on you, therefore, the potential for change is also much greater.

What are curses?

There is a kabbalistic concept that states: one of the reasons we have curses is because we don’t see our blessings.
What blessings do you want to focus on today? Pick at least one and keep it in your inner vision all day long.

What were you born to do? Really? What is your life’s purpose?

Roland receives the sword, Durandal, from the ...What were you doing before you opened this email? How was that action helping another person?

Heavy question. But if you truly understood what Kabbalah is about – accepting the responsibility of being a channel of the Light – then you’d be thinking only of how to share and care for others. If we’re here on Earth, it means somewhere in a world far, far away, we signed a contract, we took an oath with the Light, that we would do this job.

Truthfully, none of us are at this level. That’s why we need to remind one another of what we really were born to do. Today is an opportunity to reaffirm that oath that we made with the Light. We’ve been at this for lifetimes. We’re not going to quit now.