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Hate… why not to hate? How to have enough reason?

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I just came back from my chiropractor.

As is my practice, I took my outer clothing, including my shoes in the waiting room and then ready to go to the room with the tables. I hadn’t seen the receptionist in a while so started to walk around in my socks while talking to her, only to step into a cold wet puddle on the carpet.

“Oogh, I just stepped into my wet spot!” I exclaimed. “Oh, I hate that?” She said…

…and this is what this blogpost is about.

You don’t care what comes out of your mouth.

But what comes out of your mouth is even more important that what goes into your mouth. There is a whole billion dollar health food industry capitalizing on your concern of what goes into your mouth.

It’s time to start thinking like you are not a machine that cares about its fuel and fuel pump and exhaust.

You are a vibrational being and what comes out of your mouth makes you who you are… in this example a cringing, resisting, little clot of ailment complaining that the world isn’t going his way.

You can work to fix just one “hate” with months or years worth of healthfood, vitamins, superfood, working out, meditations, what have you… it is so powerful.

So stop it.

First use different words that feel better, like “it is not quite pleasant…”, or “it doesn’t quite agree with me…”
and then you’ll be able to just laugh… like I do.

It’s taken me a year or two to get here, but I tell you, it feels great.

In addition, I have been well. Wow.

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