Someone killed someone. You are upset. Is that about you?

Digging down on yesterday’s mirror concept, I know it can be a confusing lesson to apply because what happens, for example, if you see someone stealing in the market (and it makes you angry.) Is that the Light showing you that you’re a thief? If not, then what?
Let’s look at it from a different angle. Here’s a simple exercise for today. Make a list with three columns:
Column 1: Write an incident you witnessed or were involved in that provoked a reaction inside of you.
Column 2: Describe how you felt about it.
Column 3: What possible reasons did the person have for doing what he did?
Write down at least ten incidents. Using the example above, maybe the robber was abused as a child. Maybe he was hungry. Maybe he was just selfish. Go for any possible cause. By the tenth example, you will begin to get clarity on the things YOU need to work on.

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