Here’s your first risk-taking assignment.

How many times do you want something but don’t ask for it because of an innate assumption you won’t get it?

Number one reason many people don’t have what they want is not because they’re not worthy, smart or talented enough. It’s because they don’t ask for it. Why? It could be a whole bunch of reasons that all boil down to the same core issue: feeling they don’t deserve it.

On Rosh Hashanah, there is an opening in the cosmos that allows us to go before the Creator and ask for blessings for the New Year. But if we’re walking around with this innate assumption that we don’t deserve, than our asking won’t be genuine. It will be religious.

We need to feel it in our bones that we deserve and are worthy of all God has to offer.

Today, take the risk of asking for what you want. Whether it’s a better table at a restaurant or your partner to give you some space, ask for it.

P.S. And now, there’s something I’d like to ask you. Please email me [JUST HIT REPLY] a brief summary of your experience. What did you ask for? What were the results?

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