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I am Kabbalah Chick… It is a compliment, because I am not a chick any longer, as far as my years go, but in Kabbalah and I am a chick… young, learning, and as I learn, turning around and write about what I learned.

Some twenty years ago I read a statement that inspired me: (I am writing from memory…) “as I am climbing the ladder of wealth at every rung I step on I turn around and reach down to the guys and give them a helping hand to be able to follow me… ” That or something similar… quite inspiring, don’t you think so? I thought and continue thinking. Condescending, you say? Far from it. Uplifting, I say… and when you look at the root of the word “condescending” you see what I mean. Descend means to lower oneself, which most of us do, from ego. Uplifting means the opposite.

Some 15 years ago, prompted by a homework in a Landmark Education seminar (Integrity), I invented a purpose for my life. “Living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind”

It sounds ambitious, but in fact it was an accurate description of my toppsy-turvy life then. My life has calmed down, and living on the edge has become more difficult to me now. Which is good. I now need to generate going to the edge so that any transformation can occur.

This blog is both an instrument of sharing, and an instrument of pushing me to the edge.

There are few that go to the edge and come back to share, not just the experience, but the distinction.

Distinctions, as opposed to examples (experience) are very instructive. Once something is distinguished, it can become a structure, like a ladder, on which you can go to the same place and have your own experience, have your own transformation.

With that said: distinguishing is my specialty. Transformation is my playground. Causing transformation, individually and globally is my passion.

Of all the tools I have ever used, Kabbalah has been the most useful in accomplishing my purpose.

I am worth paying attention to. I will take you to places where you have never been. So that you can have more light in your life, more satisfaction, more love, more abundance, more life.


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