Thwarted Intention

First of what is this old word you can’t even pronounce?

Well, it is an old word, and there is no new word to replace it, so I have decided to use it.

It means that a force was disrupted or opposed to the degree that it was turned back.

In our meaning: you intended something and your intention was not able to get realized because of opposition.

The intention is mostly hidden, and less than savory.

For example, you married someone so that they die fast and leave you with their money so that you can marry the one you really love. The person refused to die. You are left with a thwarted intention. Can you see how pissed you would be?

Or you help someone with the hidden agenda that when you need them they will help you back. They don’t. You are pissed. Thwarted intention.

What is there to do? First off tell yourself the whole truth, the hidden nasty truth about you and your intention. The self serving, self centered, harmful ways you can be. Own it. Take responsibility for it. Release the other person from guilt. It is not their fault.

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