Responsibility is

  • how you access your power.
  • how you take it back
  • how you make seemingly impossible things happen
  • how you use the whisper of intuition or the soul to accomplish miracles

Responsibility, as a faculty and as an actuality, lies under any and every act that cause transformation. Without responsibility you are an insect, a lowly being, not worthy of the light.

But HOW do you take it?

Now, that is the tricky part. Blame won’t do it. Regret won’t do it.

What will work is plain English.

OK, I did that. OK, I said that. OK, I thought that.

That simple. No drama, no justification, no cause other than you, yourself, by yourself. Not the weather. Not the economy. Not the rush. Not the traffic. Not “it’s written in the Bible”. Not “my mother made me do it”. No. I did it. I, myself, all alone, no help needed.

It looks too simple, but sometimes it takes weeks before a client can take full responsibility for something they did, thought, said, and be completely free, powerful, and beautiful.

Try it. Give yourself some room. It is worth it.

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